I am not in DCU can I sign up to the trial?

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What is the trial, can I sign up?

We are launching to the public in Dublin city in February 2020. But first as only a limited trial within the DCU campuses. Open to all students, staff, DCU Alpha or Talent Garden members. There is a limited area of operation and geo-fence, with 8 initial allocated bike stands locations to park & lock at. During the trial you will be emailed a questionnaire for feedback, once completed your account will be credited €20.

Can I go outside the geo-fence?

No, not for the trial period sorry. Using the app please check your destination is with the geo-fence ( yellow zone) before embarking on your journey. If you try to go outside, the motor will cut and begin to lock the wheel and trigger the alarm. You will not be able to bring the bike more than 25m outside the geofence.

Why do you need my credit card?

It is a requirement that you activate your account with your credit card & pay the rental fee and per minute ride cost.

During the trial it is €1 to rent & 10 cent per minute to ride, with a pause fee of 2 cent per minute for up to 1 hour.

At the end of the trial we’ll top up your account with €20 ride credit, if you complete our survey and feedback form, that will be emailed to you.

I am not in DCU can I sign up to the trial?

Yes, but you will not be able to rent a bike outside of DCU until the trial period is over.

How can I start riding?

Download and install the Moby app. Choose the DCU  tariff, register, input your credit card details and you will receive your LOGIN and PIN. You will need these if you change your phone or logout of the app. Scan the QR code on the back of the bike, choose to ride with electric assistance (ebike) or without (pedal bike) and off you go!

Where can I ride a bike?

You can ride within the YELLOW ZONE but you cannot end your rental in this area, you will only be allowed to Pause the bike. In order to end your rental and avoid a rehoming fee, please end your rental at one of the 8 allocated stations in the map.

How can I rent a bike?

You can rent the selected bike in the app by pressing RENT BIKE and then scanning the QR code above the back light.Once your bike is rented, press the brake twice to activate it.

I can’t rent a bike.

Close the app and then restart it. If this does not work it means that use of the bike has been blocked. If the lights are cycling through the colours of the rainbow, it means that someone else has Paused their rental and that they will be returning to the bike.

Please choose another bike near you or contact our customer support.

How do I return the bike?

Use our mobile app MOBY  to return the bike and simply press the RETURN BIKE option.

Another way to return the bike is to press either brake three times quickly after parking the bike.

When the bike has been returned the lights will turn off.

After returning the bike, it takes about a minute for the mobile app to update so it is possible that the bike will still appear as hired during this period.

The app does not charge any fees and does not count any rental time during this period.

Do I have to use the lock?

Yes, this is a condition of your rental, you’ll receive the lock code in the app when you rent, use this to unlock and then lock the bike securely at the end of your journey with the same code.